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2021 Kitchen Trends You Might Want To Try

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Your kitchen is an important space in your home and it is important to pay attention to its design. When planning for your kitchen’s overall design, you must consider a lot of factors such as style, functionality, and the latest trends.

Every year, there is a new trend that everyone can follow. Whether it is in style, color, or theme. For your kitchen, having the trend that best suits your need and style will help you feel comfortable every time you are using the space. For this year, another set of trends are becoming popular and it is something that you must check out.

Following are the top trends that are worth trying if you are planning to remodel your kitchen any time soon.

Compact Design

Compact design in the kitchen can help provide more space for mobility and less clutter. This trend is best tried when you have a small kitchen where every space should be utilized properly. You can designate all your kitchen cabinets in one area to maximize the space in your kitchen.

It is also not discouraged to put a kitchen island as long as you make it minimal to avoid eating up a lot of space. Choose a kitchen island size according to the size of your kitchen so that you can still move freely when you are cooking.

Hands-free Faucets

Hands Free Faucet

The easiest way to upgrade your kitchen is to install new faucets which is why this next trend can be tried anytime that you like even if you did not plan or schedule a remodeling on your kitchen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our consciousness when it comes to hygiene even at home and hands-free faucets are the best way to ensure that you are having great hygiene at home. Motion control and touch-tap faucets are the most common hands-free faucets widely available in the market.

However, there has been a new product lately, the voice-activated faucets. This new feature in hands-free faucets improves the productivity in the kitchen as you can just command the faucet to turn on and off while you are still busy doing something else.

More Storage

As the years passed, there have been new kitchen appliances that are offered to the public and every household feels that it is necessary to have those appliances. Aside from the small appliances that are slowly overcrowding your kitchen are the utensils and groceries which is why the need for more storage is increased more than ever.

Cabinets and pantries are the one solution when it comes to storage problems which is why you can find a lot of cabinets when you look for modern kitchen designs. Most people do not want a cluttered kitchen and having more storage can help with this problem.

Smart storage is also stealing the limelight when it comes to kitchen trends this year. Because of its functionality, it became popular with kitchen designers and homeowners alike. One of the best examples of smart storage is the kitchen larder who is resurrecting in the modern kitchen design.

Two-toned Color Scheme

Having a one-colored kitchen has become plain and boring over the years which is why most kitchen designers nowadays offer a new approach in kitchen designing. The trend that most people will do to their kitchens is the two-toned color scheme where the overall color of the kitchen space involves not one but two colors.

One way of achieving this trend is having cabinets around the kitchen in two different colors. You can color the main cabinets with one color and the island cabinets with the other color. This can provide good contrast between the colors in your kitchen.

Smart Kitchen

Fridge with different vegetable in modern kitchen

Who would forget about a smart kitchen? You already have the smart faucet installed in your kitchen then why forget about anything else? Turning your kitchen into a smart kitchen is the first step in converting your whole house into a smart house.

Having a smart kitchen can help you cut down your preparation time when cooking. Kitchen appliances can be connected to the smart system where you can remotely control it using your smartphone.

Almost everything today is automated and your kitchen should not be ignored when it comes to upgrading. If you love spending your time in your kitchen, then you will love the smart kitchen functions.

All in All

The new kitchen trends this year is not all about style and aesthetics but also functionality and automation. There are still so many trends that you will need to check out. However, the mentioned trends should be the ones you must try out first.

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