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All About Cabinet Refacing

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Cabinet renovation can be implemented in both residential and commercial settings. All lockers can be reconditioned. Worn and antique cabinets can easily be converted to rich cherry, walnut, and alder cabinets in a variety of door styles and finishes including paints, enamels, and distressed finishes. A cabinet makeover will transform any old kitchen into a custom modern kitchen at half the cost of new cabinets.

The renovation process includes replacing the old doors and drawer fronts with new overlay doors and drawer fronts for a modern, updated look. Four and six doors are also available to accommodate glazed inserts. In some cases, specialty glass, such as stained glass, can be reused in new doors. Cabinet boxes generally stay in place, are environmentally friendly, and maintain existing work surfaces. Home and business owners often have expensive granite or solid countertops that they want to preserve. However, maintaining existing countertops is often not an option when installing a new replacement cabinet.

During the cabinet renovation process, original matching veneers are applied to the cabinet’s outer frames. The veneer is very expensive and has been used in the production of fine wood furniture and musical instruments for hundreds of years and will last for many years. To ensure the veneer adheres properly, the cabinet frames are thoroughly cleaned. Have your renovation contractor use an environmentally friendly, low-volatility water-based adhesive to reduce odors and fire hazards associated with solvent-based adhesives. As a final step in the veneer process, the inside edges of the three-quarter-inch cabinet frame are coated with coordinated commercial lacquer to seal the edges of the wood veneer and for a professional appearance; make sure your renovation contractor includes this important step.

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Since cabinet frames are the least attractive part of cabinets, it is important when reconfiguring to use completely overlapping doors and drawer fronts. The overlap affects the amount of the cabinet frame that remains visible after installing the new doors and drawer fronts. Full overlap means there is very little cabinet frame around each door and drawer front, creating the seamless, modern look of the remodeled cabinet. Additionally, the exposed end panels, including the oversized refrigerator, island, and peninsula panels are covered with identical quarter-inch or three-quarter-inch flat wood planks and full overlapping decorative panels for a look personalized and refined.

Most of the features available in the new cabinets are also available in the cabinet makeover. Soft-close concealed hinges, replacement drawer boxes, folding trays with full span soft-close slides, lazy pivot blind corner, and fully enclosed litter box modules are just a few of the many features available in this closet makeover.

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