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Architectural Trends You Must Look Out For In 2021

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Every year architectural trends change based on what the market wants and needs. As people see new styles and love them they have the tendency to follow them which is why it becomes a trend. For architects to keep up with their competitors, they need to update their design preferences to fit what is required by the customers.

If you are planning to build a new house or renovate your existing home, you might want to look at each of these new trends for you to know what you can do with your property. It can give you an idea of what is in store for you and plan the build accordingly.


Architectural designs are leaning more towards automation where they incorporate technology not only during the design process but also into the whole structure of the house. Most house owners today belong to the new generation and this generation prefers to incorporate smart home technology into their homes.

Smart home technology can help you automate your entire home as it can let you control appliances, and systems in your house remotely using your smartphone. Architects are now designing homes that are smart technology ready so that it would be easy for the owner to install the technology if they want to.

Green Options

Eco-friendly homes are one of the most popular trends for 2021 that have already been available in the past years. Opting for an eco-friendly home can be quite expensive but it has a long-term benefit not only for you as the homeowner but also for the environment.

The most common eco-friendly idea you can incorporate into your home is a solar panel that can provide electricity throughout your home. If you are living in a place where it rains a lot, you can also build a rainwater storage system which can significantly help in saving water. It is best to talk to your architect and discuss the design of the house in preparation for the systems you want to install.

Another thing your architect can do for you is to design your home in a way that natural light and air can easily flow into your home to minimize electricity consumption. There are so many eco-friendly ideas that you can do to your home. From the materials used, the design, and even systems you can install.

Multi-functional Home

Multi-functional Home

The pandemic has provided a new trend to the architectural designs of 2021. Students and employees are forced to stay at home which results in them working and studying at home. Architects have come up with a great idea in making multi-functional rooms where adults can work from home and students can study without any disturbance.

The main goal for this trend is to provide a comfortable environment where students can study in peace and adults work with privacy. Even after the pandemic, it is still nice to have a space at home where you can work or study without getting disturbed by other family members.


If you are a minimalist, this trend can get your attention. Architects are expressing the meaning of their work by going back to the architectural basics and core. Instead of grandiose and complex home designs, this year it is more laid back and minimal.

What is important in a minimalist design is the creativity of the architect. This design can also be a good way to save money in the renovation as you will not need to purchase too many materials. This trend can also favor small spaces such as apartments or condominium units. With the small space you have, it would not be a good idea to have so many things going on with your house’s design.

To Sum it Up

Trends still depend on what you as a homeowner prefer. It doesn’t mean that everyone will need to follow it. However, if you want your space to become more attractive, it would be best if you follow as many trends as possible. This is most important if you are also planning to sell your property as it can attract more buyers.

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