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Low-maintenance garden

How to Make a Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden

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A low-maintenance garden is a new trend for gardeners. The reason behind its popularity is obvious. No one will want to spend a lot of money just by maintaining a garden if you can have a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. 

There is a huge benefit if you turn your garden into a low-maintaining garden. One is the reduced maintenance cost and the second is to avoid time-consuming chores that are necessary to do to keep your garden beautiful. If you are looking for ways on how to make your garden beautiful yet low maintenance then you must follow these tips below. 

Opt for Gravel 

Gravel for garden

The grass is the number one thing in the garden that requires tedious maintenance. Grass quickly grows which will need to be cut every week. Save yourself some time and effort by putting gravel on your garden ground instead. 

Gravel does not grow which means there will be no more weekly grass cutting tasks. It also allows water to drain freely. Your garden will still look beautiful if you opt for gravel instead of grass. 

There are so many options for you to choose from. You can go for the finest gravel option which is the decomposed granite or pick the largest gravel available which is the river rock. However, if you are looking for the inexpensive option of gravel then go for the pea gravel. 

You can find pea gravel on many gardens nowadays, not only because it is inexpensive but it also provides color to your garden which can be aesthetically pleasing. For a more modern approach, you can add black basalt to your garden instead. 

Landscape artists used black basalt on modern landscaping designs. The dark color of this type of gravel provides clean lines and contrast which makes it best for mulch or ground cover. Furthermore, you can mix and match different types of gravel to produce a more beautiful result. 

Grow Low-Maintenance Plants 

Drought-tolerant plants

Did you know that there are so many low-maintenance plants that can make your garden beautiful while it doesn’t require your full attention? The key to achieving a low-maintenance garden is to have a lot of gardening knowledge, especially about plants. 

If you want to transform your garden into a low-maintenance garden, then you might want to consider swapping your current plants to the following low-maintenance plants.

  • Succulents
  • Snake plant
  • Philodendron
  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Bamboo
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Barberry Shrub
  • Smoke Tree
  • Peony
  • Juniper

Most of these plants are drought tolerant and can also be good indoor plants. You can place these plants on a pot or plant them directly on the ground in a pattern that will look good in your garden. Although these plants are low-maintenance, they will not limit the beauty of your garden. 

Use Mulch on Your Garden 

Mulch can help conserve moisture and balance the temperature of your garden soil. It is also a great way to suppress stubborn weeds from growing in your garden. There are so many types of mulch you can use for your garden.

One is to use compost or manure but you can also use inorganic mulch such as pebbles and gravels. If you mulch your garden you will never have to constantly give your plant fertilizer as mulching alone enhances the nutrients of your soil. 

This will be a huge cut down on your garden maintenance expenses. What you will do is to create your compost or install gravel and you will never have to worry about your garden now and then. 

Install Drip Irrigation System on Your Garden

Water irrigation system

A drip irrigation system will not only save you time in watering your plants but is also a good way to conserve water. Another cut down on your expenses if you opt for this type of irrigation system. 

You can even choose the ones that have a timer where you can set a time when the water will start dripping to the soil and provide water to your plants. However, if you want, you can still choose the manual drip irrigation system. 

To Sum It Up 

There are so many ways to make your garden low-maintenance. You do not need to sacrifice the beauty of your garden while saving from the cost of maintenance. Start remodeling your garden now and see a huge difference.

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