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Studio Apartment

How to Style a Studio Apartment

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A studio apartment has a lot of names. It can be a bachelor apartment, efficiency apartment, or studio flat. Whatever you want to call it, they are all the same, an apartment with a combined living, dining, and bedroom. 

This type of apartment is commonly small which makes it hard to style. However, if you follow some of these tips on how to effectively style your studio apartment, you can make it a very nice place to live. 

Use Smart Furnitures 

Sleeper sofa

Smart furniture is the furniture of the future. It is not only efficient but it can also help you save space in such a small room. Most homeowners who are dwelling in tiny spaces opt to choose smart furniture as it can serve a dual purpose. 

The most useful smart furniture you can add to your studio apartment is a sleeper sofa. This is a kind of furniture that can be turned into a sofa in the morning and a bed in the evening. It is best for studio apartments where the living and the bedroom space is typically the same. 

You might also want to consider buying a compact dining table to use in your apartment. A compact dining table can be a great space saver which is what you will need in a studio apartment. 

Divide Spaces With Dividers

If you wanted to give your bedroom a little bit of privacy then you can use room dividers to divide it from the rest of the apartment. This way you will not be conscious when you do personal stuff in your bedroom even when there are guests around. 

You can pick the design of the room divider that you want. There are so many different styles and designs available that will surely make your space look beautifully organized. Aside from the design snd style, you can as well choose from different materials. Dividers are commonly made from PVC, Rattan, Bamboo, and many more.

Room dividers are a great way to add style to your space. You will just have to choose the one that best fits the concept in your mind. You can choose a freestanding room divider or even a bookshelf divider so that you can have more storage spaces while dividing up your room. 

Decorate With Wall Decors

Wall Decors

Because there will be limited space to decor your apartment then you should use wall decorations to add style to your space. This way you will not be going to occupy space in your apartment. You will only need to hang the decors into the wall. 

You can hang a painting or a portrait photo on the wall to make it more personal. However, it is also best to put wall shelves so that you can have additional spaces where you can put small decors like plants, picture frames, or figurines. 

Draw Inspiration From Boutique Hotels 

If you only go home to your apartment just to rest and shower then why not style it like a room in a boutique hotel? You can just throw in a few appliances and furniture into your apartment to achieve this style. 

The most important thing that you must have is a comfy bed just like what you find in hotel rooms. A wardrobe and a dresser can also be added as well as a small coffee table and two chairs. 

A personal fridge can also come in handy as well as a mini chic kitchenette just in case you want to cook something for yourself. If you only have a tiny space, all these things would be enough. 

Paint Is Your Bestfriend

Painting Wall

Not only the right choice of color will create an illusion of a bigger space but it will also help you achieve the style that you want. You can express your creativity by painting the walls. You can pick out bold colors that will perfectly reflect your personality.

If you are a painter, you can paint a mural on the wall. However, you must first ask permission from your landlord before doing it. Don’t worry there is a huge chance that your landlord will agree with some conditions of course. 

Be Creative 

The most important part of styling a studio apartment is to be creative. If you let your creative mind do the work you can never go wrong. You can follow every tips and suggestion you can find but in the end, it will be your own creativity that will matter. 

You can improvise the tips that are given to you according to your preferences. Choose the one that you think will work best for you and your apartment. 

On a Final Note

Individuals who commonly rent a studio apartment are young people who are just starting out with their careers. This is why it is not necessary to have a lot of furniture inside the apartment as they tend to just rest and shower in it most of the time.

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