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Important Landscaping Features You Must Know

by Water Damage Admin

Landscaping is the best way to beautify your property. Your home will be plain and boring if you do not pay attention to your landscaping. Designing your yard and making it happen is not an easy task. 

If you want to achieve what you want, then you must consider a lot of things and one of these things is its features that you must not ignore. To plan your landscaping better, you must know about these important features you need to take into consideration.

Type of Soil 

landscaping soil

The first thing you must consider is the type of soil you are going to use on your property. For major landscaping projects, you must have good soil to start such projects. If you have clay soil on your property it means that it is not good for planting plants that will make the whole landscaping design look good. 

There are places that have deceptive clay soil and the property owners do not even know about it. They are planting plants around their properties and might be wondering why it is wilting. This is because planting in clay is like putting plants on a bucket full of water. Your plants will get drowned with all the water that is not draining properly. 

The best soil for planting that will also be best for landscaping is a sandy loam. This type of soil will surely make your plants grow healthy and beautiful which results in a nice-looking landscaping design. If you are living in a location that has clay soil, you should improve the condition of your soil by adding organic matter. You can use compost, sawdust. manure, and the likes to fertilize your soil and prepare it for planting. 

Sun Exposure 

Some plants require a lot of sunlight and these plants are commonly used on landscaping. Knowing how much sun exposure the area you want to landscape receives is vital to how the outcome will look like. 

Knowing such information will help you decide whether to use a shade plant or a sun plant. You can combine the use of both plants as well if you think it will make your property looks beautiful. You will just have to place them in appropriate areas on your property based on their needs. 

Consider the Hardiness Zone 

Freeze-proof plants

Hardiness zones are geographical areas that are determined by their climatic conditions and how they can affect a plant’s survival and growth. Knowing what zone you are living in will help you choose a plant that will surely survive on your lawn according to the weather condition. 

If you are living in areas that have colder temperatures, you might want to consider incorporating freeze-proof plants in your landscaping design. Some examples of freeze-proof plants are coral bells, lily-of-the-valley, and Siberian Iris. Otherwise, opt for plants that can handle hot temperatures such as cactus, sunflowers, salvia, and yellow alyssum.

Check Your Drainage 

Making sure that all the waters from your property are going somewhere is another feature you must not ignore. Having a proper drainage system is necessary for your landscaping project. If the water does not properly drain from your property, the chances of your plants getting drowned are high. 

Additionally, water sitting on your property for a long period will cause mildew and can ruin your landscaping plants. When creating a plan, you must consider some plants that can not tolerate wet conditions. If you want to incorporate these kinds of plants into your landscaping, it is best to inspect or prepare your property for an adequate drainage system.

Consider Existing Roots

root canopies

If you have an existing tree on your property, avoid planting other plants on its base to avoid competing for nutrients. You may not see any effects it can have on the existing tree within a year from planting new plants but it will start manifesting after a few years. 

Aside from the fact that the new plants will take out some of the nutrients from the tree, the shade of the tree will also cover the sunlight and the plants will not get enough sun. It is best to create plant beds farther away from an existing tree on your property.

Considering All This

You can be confident that your landscaping will result in what you are expecting it to look like if you carefully put into account everything that was mentioned. All of the said features are the basic and key elements in acquiring beautiful landscaping on your property and making sure your plants will be healthy and happy.

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