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Simple Ideas To Make Your Home Sustainable

by Water Damage Admin

The benefits of having a sustainable home are endless. Not only that you can enjoy the benefits it provides to you personally, but the environment will also benefit from it in the long run. Global warming is intensifying and the global heat index is quickly rising. 

By doing small steps like making your home more sustainable can contribute to helping save the planet. You do not have to make huge plans or decisions to make your home sustainable. There are simple things you can do instead such as: 

Save Electricity

Sustainable energy from solar panels
Solar Panels

Electricity generates waste which is why the more you are using electricity in your household the more you are contributing to global warming. There are so many ways that you can save electricity without changing or spending a lot of money. What you will need to do is to be more conscious about your electricity usage. 

You can avoid using the dryer as much as possible. If the weather is sunny it is best to hang and air dry your clothes than using the dryer. This will help you reduce the electricity your house is using plus your electricity bill will surely decrease. 

Changing your regular light bulbs to LED light bulbs will also help reduce your CO2 footprint. Incandescent light might look good but it uses a lot of electricity compared to LED light bulbs. 

Insulating your entire house will also help your home become more sustainable. It can help you save 15% of your cooling and heating energy consumption. Insulating your home is easy to do. You will just have to make sure that your doors and windows are tightly sealed. 

You can add insulation to your wall, floor and ceiling as well. A 360 insulation is better than doing it partially. You might spend a little bit on the insulation and it may require a bit of your time and effort but it is all worth it in the end. 

A more complex option for saving electricity is to install solar panels on your home. You can start with a few panels first that will be used to power your lights. If you established that solar power is a good option for you, then you can just add additional solar panels and start using them on your appliances as well. 

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This may sound cliche but it is a very effective way to make your living sustainable. You must allocate an area within your property for this purpose. Create a bin for recyclable and non-recyclable materials to properly segregate all your household wastes.

Ask every family member to do their part in waste management and explain to them the impact it will have on the environment and how they will be affected by it. 

In addition to proper waste segregation, you might as well consider creating your own compost at home. Place a compost bin in your garden and throw all your leftover food into the bin. You can use the compost to fertilize your plants and vegetables in your garden. 

Beautify Your Home With Plants

Plants to improve interior design
Indoor Plants As Decors

Plants can be used to decorate your home inside and outside. You can add a few indoor plants to your home’s interior design or create an indoor garden. There are so many indoor plants that you can consider that will not only enhance the overall look of your home but also provides cleaner air around you. 

You can do the same thing in your yard. Plant some greenery in your yard or start making a vegetable garden. Add as many plants to your property as you can. Plants and trees help clean the air around us and produce more oxygen for us to breathe.

Conserve Water

Rain water collection

Along with the rising temperature is the decreasing water supply. We will all die if we run out of water and you can help slow it down if you start to conserve water now. First, take advantage of the rainwater. You can install a rainwater collection system in your house to collect all the rainwater. 

You can then use the rainwater for watering your plants, washing your car and even doing the laundry. If you live in an area where it constantly rains, then do not think twice and start installing a rainwater collection tank. 

Another thing you can do to reduce your usage of water is to replace your regular faucets, toilet and showers with the lo-flow version. When you opt for the low-flow alternative, your household will conserve up to 13,000 gallons of water annually.

A new addition to water conservation technology is the greywater system. This water recycling idea has been around for quite a long time now but it was only recently where it is widely used in residential properties. 

A greywater system is a water recycling process where it filters all the used water from your washing machine, dishwasher, and shower. The result is fresh clean water that you can reuse to do your laundry, wash the dishes and even flush your toilet. 

Go Green 

Going green means going eco-friendly and even with your own little ways, you can contribute a significant amount of help to the environment. Along with all other people who are also doing their own little ways to help, it is not impossible to save the earth. 

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