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Turn Your Garage Into a Home Office

Simple Tips to Turn Your Garage Into a Home Office

by Water Damage Admin

The garage has an important role in our property. If you own a car, the garage can be its home and protects it from the harsh weather outside. However, if you do not have a car or you are parking it somewhere else, then a garage can be transformed into something else. 

If you are looking to have your own home office where you can concentrate on working, then the garage can be a perfect space to turn into an office. Here are some tips that will help you transform your garage into a workspace without spending too much money. 

Clear the Space 

Clean the clutter in your garage

The first thing you need to do is to clear the garage. There is a high possibility that rummages are lying around your garage. Get rid of the rummage in the garage. Make sure that you empty the space completely.

It is recommended to categorize all the things you find in your garage. One category is the things you do not need and the other is necessary things. Throw all the things that are not needed anymore and find a nice place to store the rest. 

You can clean the garage all by yourself which means that you do not have to pay someone to do it for you. Your entire family can help you sort out all the stuff in your garage and make it a great bonding time. 

Inspect the Entire Space

After cleaning the space, you can now start surveying the entire garage. Check if the space is well sealed starting from the garage doors. After the door, look for holes in the wall so that you can fix them right away. 

A perfectly sealed garage can be easily installed with an HVAC system. If you see holes on the wall or gaps on the door, you should fix them right away. This way the door will be completely sealed if you decide to install an HVAC System in your garage. 

Consider Your Comfort 

Make your home office space comfortable

Because garages are not designed to provide comfort, you will have to do something to make it comfortable office space. To achieve comfort, you will need to ensure that you do not freeze nor boil when the weather changes. 

You can opt to install an HVAC system. However, if it is still out of your budget, you can invest in a portable air conditioner or heater to keep you comfortable all year round. But, it is still recommended to have an HVAC installed in your garage for long-term comfort. 

Paint It Up 

After you fix all the damages you found in the space, it is now time to beautify it. Paint is the most effective and inexpensive way to make a garage look nice. Choose a bright color to help you become productive in your work. 

You can just add darker details afterward such as rugs, furniture, and decors. Make sure that the entire room will look inviting and bright. Garages are usually dark and paint can provide great help in turning it into a bright working space. 

Add Proper Lighting 


Because you are making your garage an office space, it must have proper lighting that is appropriate for work. Some garages have a window installed which can be good in providing natural light inside the office.

However, if you do not have a window in your garage, make sure that you install lamps on your desk and other parts of your garage as well. This way you will never feel like you are working from a cave having only one light focusing on your desk.

Inspect Your Tech 

You might be confident that you can just work in your garage without any problem. Just because you are just working on your garage, does not mean that you can never have a tech problem especially when it comes to your internet connection.

Before anything else, you must do a test run on your internet connection and see if it is fast, secure, and reliable. If your work requires you to do multiple phone calls then you might also want to check whether your phone works perfectly fine inside the garage even when the door is closed. 

Add Furniture 

Office Furniture

Now that everything is good, you can start adding furniture and appliances that you need inside your home office. You do not need to purchase brand new furniture. Try to check the online marketplace or a local thrift store and look for used furniture that you will need. 

You can also watch out for garage sales in your neighborhood and check whether they have what you need. There is so much useful stuff you can find in a thrift store and it will surely not break your bank account.

Personalize the Space 

Now that everything is looking good and is ready for you to start using it as a new home office, it is time for you to add some personal touches to it. You can add family photos or wall art that you love. 

You can also add memorabilia that can make your new home office more inviting and welcoming. Try to add scented candles and indoor plants as well for a warmer vibe. 

In Conclusion 

You do not need to spend a lot of money on adding a home office to your property. If you have a garage that is not being used plus a creative mind, then you can create your personal workspace at home in no time. 

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