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Tell-Tale Signs That You Need To Replace Your Plumbing System

by Water Damage Admin

One of the most important systems in your house is plumbing. This is also the most prone to damage due to the high water pressure and constant water exposure. Your plumbing can experience minor and inexpensive issues every now and then. 

However, the time will come that you will need to replace your entire plumbing system due to wear and tear. If you notice the following tell-tale signs, it is best to contact your local professional plumber and start planning for your plumbing replacement. 

Habitual Clogging 


Clogs are a common occurrence in your plumbing system but if you notice it is happening more frequently then maybe it is a sign that your pipe is breaking down. Unclogging the drains every time you use it is not a good experience which is why you might want to consider repiping to ensure that you will not go through any inconvenience every time. 

The common reason behind the clogging can be because you are not watching closely what goes down to your drain. Moreover, older pipes are more likely to clog even if you are being careful in using your plumbing system. 

Water Leaks 

Water leakage is another sign that you need to replace your house’s plumbing. Some water leaks can be hidden inside your walls, floors, and ceiling. Indications that there are hidden water leaks in your house include musty smell, peeling off wallpaper, stains and discoloration, molds, and warping. 

You can see these signs on your wall, ceiling, or floor. This means that a particular area is exposed to constant moisture and the only source of moisture can be from leaking pipes. If you neglect water leakage, it can compromise your entire house. 

Water Discoloration 

Dirty Water

The discoloration can be caused by rust and sediment buildup inside your pipes. When you notice your previously crystal clear water is starting to become yellowish, brownish, or even reddish, then it is not safe to use that water anymore. 

Even on the first sign of discoloration, you must take action and replace your plumbing system immediately. You can either replace the ones that are affected but you must hire a professional plumber to look for the issue. You can always opt to replace all the pipes in your house if you want to be sure that you will address the problem quickly. 

Poor Water Pressure 

Although it is not advisable to have high water pressure as it can also damage your plumbing, experiencing poor pressure can as well indicate an issue. Low water pressure can be caused by many things such as corrosion and the buildup of sediment. 

These occurrences will hinder the flow of the water through the pipes thus resulting in low water pressure. Eventually, due to the great water pressure on one point of the pipeline, this area will burst that will cause enormous leaks and damages. 

When you experience low pressure of water for the first time, you can check the water connection first before jumping to the conclusion of faulty pipes. If you established that there is nothing wrong with the water connection then probably it is an issue inside your plumbing system. 

Bad Odor From The Sewer

Smelly Odor

A bad odor that is coming from the sewer can also be an indication of plumbing problems. You can let a plumber check your sewer line immediately after noticing unpleasant smells that you think are coming from the sewage. 

If you do not fix this problem sooner, you can experience even bigger issues plus you wouldn’t want to constantly smell that sewer odor. Might as well do something to address the problem that this occurrence is making. 

Unusual Puddles In Your Yard 

When it is raining constantly, seeing muddy puddles in your yard is normal. However, if you are seeing unusual puddles even if it hasn’t rained recently, you might have experienced damaged pipes that are causing the puddles. 

Look at your irrigation system and look for some leakage. If you see no problem with the irrigation, you can check for underground water or sewer line leakage. Call your plumber if you think that you cannot figure where the problem is. These professionals are well trained to identify and fix both common and serious plumbing problems. 

To Sum It Up 

It can be hard to identify whether the issue you are experiencing is something that is common or it is already a result of something serious. The signs mentioned above are only a guide that you can use to self-diagnose whether your plumbing system already needs an overhaul or not. Calling the professionals and asking for their help will always be the best thing to ensure you are addressing the core issue. 

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