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Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

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Autumn is coming and everyone is busy making their homes Autumn proof especially their garden. Preparing your garden every time the season change is important to keep your plants and soil healthy all year round. 

Because summer is now ending and Autumn is coming, it would be best that you start preparing your garden for the change of season. Here are some tips that can help you do the right thing for your garden 

Cover Garden Pond 

Water Pond for garden

If you have a pond in your garden as a landscaping feature, it would be best to cover it with a net before the Autumn starts. It can be such an inconvenience if you left your pond or any body of water in your garden uncovered during the fall. 

If you do forget about this trip, you will end up fishing those soggy leaves out of your pond. Having a net covering it will help you make cleaning easy and quick. Gathering dry leaves is also easier than gathering wet leaves from your pond. 

Tidy Up Your Garden 

Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

It is best that you tidy up your garden before the season starts to transition from summer to Autumn. Get rid of the weeds by pulling them out and adding mulch to your garden beds. You should also check your plants and get rid of any discolored leaves. 

Moreover, rake off any dead plants and leaves that fall on your lawn. It is best that your garden is clean and the soil is fertilized before Autumn comes. 

Remove Items From Your Garden 

Garden Furniture

If you have furniture in your garden or your BBQ grill it would be best to remove them from your garden temporarily. 

Remember, Autumn is a transition from the heat of the summer to the cold winter. The temperature will gradually decrease throughout the Autumn and you would want to protect these items from being exposed.

It is best that you place these items under a protective area of your house to make sure the cold temperatures will not damage them. 

Protect Your Plants 


If you have plants that could not withstand the cold temperatures it would be best to start transferring them to your greenhouse or conservatory. They will surely die during Autumn if you do not transfer them. 

If you have freeze-proof plants or those plants that can live and withstand the cold temperatures, you can just leave them in your garden. They will be the ones who will still make your garden look beautiful during the Autumn. 

Plant Spring Bulbs and Cold Season Plants 

Spring Bulbs to Plant for Autumn

Autumn is a great time to plant spring bulbs. If you do they will surely start to bloom right in time for spring next year. Additionally, you can as well start planting plants that are freeze-proof if you still do not have one. 

For some gardeners, they considered Autumn as the end for gardening. However, this should not be the case. There are still a lot of things you can do to keep your garden look nice even during the autumn. 

Take Care of the Wildlife

Prepare Your Garden for Autumn by taking care of the wildlife

If there are wildlife visiting your garden, you must as well take care of them during the Autumn. Create a bird feeder in your garden and make sure that you fill it with seeds. As the weather gets colder, birds and other animals will start to have a hard time finding food to survive. 

If you noticed that animals are constantly visiting your garden, then it is your responsibility to provide them with food. This food will help them survive both Autumn and winter. 

Final Words 

Frost can start at any time without any warning. It would be best if you consider the start of the Autumn season as the warning sign to prepare your garden for the winter. With the tips provided, you can start preparing your garden for the season changes ahead. 

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