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Top 5 Indoor Plants Your Home Must Have

by Water Damage Admin

Your home will not only look good with an indoor plant but it will surely purify the air that you breathe. If you feel that your indoors are starting to look boring, you can liven the atmosphere up just by adding some plants into your interior design. 

If you are considering going into the path of green living and want to incorporate greeneries into your home let me present to you the top five indoor plants that you should have. We will go through each of the benefits of these plants and also talk about a few downsides. 

Snake Plant 

Snake Plant

The most popular indoor plant that everyone loves is the snake plant. Don’t be scared of its name as it is only called a snake plant due to the pattern of its leaves that looks like a snakeskin. In fact, some also called this plant the mother-in-law’s tongue because of the sharp tip of its leaves that is said to resemble the sharp tongue of a mother’s-in-law. 

A snake plant becomes popular because of its air purifying properties that will help keep the air that you breathe inside your home clean and fresh. It is known to filter out dangerous chemicals in the air such as xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, and the likes. 

Additionally, it will surely make your home look nicer while not worrying about maintaining it. A snake plant is very easy to maintain as it only requires low attention. What is not good about snake plants is that they are not suitable for households that have pets. This is one of the indoor plants that is considered not pet-friendly. 

Rubber Plant 

A rubber plant has shiny leaves that will look good on any indoor setup. This is also the indoor plant that is popular in offices because of its appearance. Just like the snake plant, the rubber plant will only make your space look beautiful but it is also a good air purifier.

You might want to place your rubber plant in an area that can be reached by a bright light and with much space around it. You also do not need to constantly take care of it as it has a great tolerance for neglect. 

The cons of this plant is that its sap can irritate your skin or the skin of your pets if you have one. Moreover, if it is ingested by your pet, they will likely encounter vomiting and diarrhea which is not good at all. 

If you want to put a rubber plant in your home, you should make sure that you will not move it from one place to another as it doesn’t want to be moved. Overall, rubber plants can be a good plant to add to your home but you must be very careful especially if you have a pet. 

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

As the trendy indoor plant, monstera deliciosa should not be forgotten in this list. Aside from its instagrammable appearance, monstera deliciosa is also a great plant for busy individuals. It likes for its soil to be dried out in between watering which is why you will only need to water it every one to two weeks. 

This is also the best indoor plant for areas inside your home that does not get direct sunlight as monstera deliciosa plants do not bother by it at all and will continue to thrive. If you want to have a lot of plants in the future, you might want to consider propagating a monster deliciosa as it will give you a new leaf every week which you can easily propagate. 

Again, this is not a pet-friendly plant which is a bummer if you love pets so much. However, if you will be extra careful and place it somewhere your pet couldn’t access it then you are good to go. 

Spider Plant

Just like the snake plant, you should not get scared with the name of this plant. It is only called a spider plant because of how it looks, otherwise, it is friendly especially to your pets. You read it right, finally, a plant that your pet should not worry about. 

However, even if it is also a good air purifier it can be a very sensitive plant. It wants to be exposed to bright light but does not want direct sunlight. This is the reason why you must put it away from window sills where the direct sun can hamper the plant’s survival. But despite its sensitivity to the sun, it is still easy to take care of it.

If you are aiming for your home to have a mini jungle vibe then this would be the best plant that you would like to put indoors. It can be very fun to own a spider plant as it produces spiderettes or baby spider plants that you can propagate and share with your friends. 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera

Having an aloe vera plant in your home does not only mean that you have a great air purifier and nice decor but it is also best in treating cuts, burns, and other skin problems. The sap on the aloe vera plant is a good anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which is why it is considered a medicinal plant.

Furthermore, the gel of aloe vera can be used as a hair and face mask as it is good in treating acne and hair fall problems. Just like any other succulents, the aloe vera can survive for a long time even if you do not water it as often. 

You will just have to make sure that you will place your aloe vera plant in a place that is bright and sunny. Your plant will also appreciate it if you keep its soil very dry before you water it. The only downside? Aloe vera plant is a pest magnet especially if you place it outside during the summer. The juices of succulent plants are very irresistible to all sap-sucking insects and aloe vera is a type of succulent. 

In Conclusion 

Indoor plants are very helpful in making your home look good and ensuring that your air will be kept clean every day. With the rising problem of air pollution, you should keep your home as a safe zone by incorporating greeneries into your property. 

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